NFL is our Bread and Butter. Read below why and how. And, of course a Happy New 2018th Year!

DECEMBER 31, 2017
For years now the NFL has been and still is our Bread and Butter. Yes. I can say that even in this era of Veganism and Stay Away from Carbon diets  :).
We have gotten better and better as the season has advanced and those are the numbers:
Since the beginning of the season: 85 – 70 – 7. That is a modest 54.8% winning rate. We earned $3435 in that period. But, as the season advanced we got the better and better numbers: one month back from now we amassed the following record: 21 – 12 – 3 with 63.63% winning rate and $2175 profit. Last week we got 4-2 with 66.66% winning rate and $740 profit. Today we have the last regular season game day and all the games will be played today. 
Be sure not to miss!


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