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Most exciting summer for Soccer fans ahead of us

This is a very rare occasion when in absence of FIFA World Cup or UEFA European Championship we still have at this time of the year something great to look forward to.

So, let's look: today we have a UEFA Nations League Final - first ever - played at Dragau in Porto between Portugal and Holland. Wow. That is in some 5 and a half hours from now.


We also have UEFA European U21 Championship kicking off in Italy with 12 teams battling for 4 spots of Semi Finals divided into 3 groups.  The kick off the first game in some hour and a half from now.

Remember how many stars were discovered in those tournemanets and enjoy yourself. Pay attention to Luka Jovic from Serbia who was just acquired by Real Madrid!!!


We have Women's FIFA World Cup p;layed as we speak in France and today we have England vs Scotland...

24 teams are battling for tne titel and women's soccer gets better and better with every tournement.

I watched few games and ot becomes hard to tell between men and women playing soccer.

Gonna be great fun and easy bets.


We have FIFA Under 20 World Cup Semi Finals starting from tomorrow in Poland and on top of all that we have tomorrow UEFA European Championship Qualifiers with some fiery games on.

U20 World Cup Semis are on Tuesday featuring Italy U20 vs Ukraine U20 and South Korea U20 vs Ecuador U20


So, do you think this is all? No way!

In less than a week we have Copa America kicking off in  Brazil with Messi and Argentina trying to get hold of a title on a hostile territory and most hostile environment.

For Messi it is definitely the last chance to win anything with National Team otherwise he will never join the group of greats no matter how well he plays the club soccer. Pele and Maradona have both won multiple titles for their nations.

And if you though that was all - you were mistaken again. And greatly:


In 12 days we have Africa Cup of Nations kicking off in Egypt. And, before you go with oh well Africa please remember who will be playing there: Mo Salah from Liverpool, Ziech and Onana from Ajax and many more. Thr tournament will go on for the full month with 24 teams battling in 6 groups.


So, brace yourself and sit back comfortably and enjoy!!!

World Cup 2018 Round 16 Opens a Knock Out Stage – Money Time is Here

June 30  2018

Money Time is  here. Literally.

So, the knock out stage is here and today we began the journey while 3/4 of all the games have been played (48 out of 64) and I'm already saddened the celebration is coming to it's conclusion. I have to admit that this is one of the bet if not the best World Cup I have watched. The VAR makes it so much better since the referees are no more afraid to make the calls when needed and avoid the calls when they think there was nothing cause they know that if they missed something - it will be told to them and if they called something they were not supposed to - they will be notified about that too and will have the chance to correct themselves. Read more...

World Cup Russia 2018 in Soccer: The Final Round in the Group Stage and Phixer’s Round 16 and Quarter Final Projections. Groups A&B

Group A&B projections

Yesterday was completed the second round of the group plays and we are halfway thru the tournament with 32 out of total of 64 games already behind us.

This post is going to shed some light on:

  1. Qualification for Round 16 chances. Who has already qualified and who has to fight to qualify, who is already doomed to pack and go home and who still has the chances to fight their way thru Round 16.
  2. What will be teams' motivations regarding qualifications from the first or the second place and what will be the subsequent match ups.
  3. What can we expect at the completion of Round 16 and who will most probably advance to the Quarterfinals.

Groups A&B

So, we have few things absolutely clear and the others highly probable or in question:

Russia and Uruguay will become A1 and A2 and the order will be decided today after their match with each other.  Draw or a win by Russia will rank Russia as A1 . Uruguay will need a win to become A1, otherwise it will be ranked as A2. Read more...

Detailed Profit and Loss Report for each of three Programs for the period of April 3 2018 – June 10 2018 (70 days)

What is a Profit and Loss Report?
A Profit and Loss Report (P&L) is a report that shows your total Income and your total Expenses in a specific period of time. It’s a really useful report as it shows you your net Profit (or loss) based on your Income (based on wins and losses) & Expenses (monthly cost of program memberships).


The Proof is in the Pudding

May 4,  2018 

"Turn your love for the Sports Betting into lucrative and highly profitable business "

1st month of Scientific Betting System Review 

Yesterday we concluded the first month of SBS implementation and would like to share with you the detailed report including how much profit each of the three programs – Basic, Standard and High Roller - turned in. We also doubled our bankroll twice in one month and I will give you precise instructions as to how much and when -  each member by the date he joined – to withdraw and how to define a new bankroll and the size unit.  


It works. Confirmed. Our method of turning sports betting into business – works!

April 9, 2018

Doubling the Bankroll
A week ago i emailed all the subscribers and the members that we are implementing a new, goal oriented strategy. That goal was and still is creating a steady monthly source of extra (and ever growing if managing the money according to our money management system) income alongside constant growth of capital.

And, our system worked properly and performed better than expected. The testimony to that is doubling the initial bankroll in just 5 days.


Is there a life after NFL season? Definitely! Here’s PhixerCode bettable Sporting Events Calendar

FEBRUARY 11, 2018

Sports Events Calendar

Investing in sports is the most enjoyable form of investing as you can follow the action with your own eyes wherever you choose to do it from. And, we all know that the best made money is a won money. The money you win is the sweetest one. There is no shame talking about it and it is the common practice. But, the only thing required of you is discipline. if you can exercise one - I will deliver the rest.

NFL is our Bread and Butter. Read below why and how. And, of course a Happy New 2018th Year!

DECEMBER 31, 2017

For years now the NFL has been and still is our Bread and Butter. Yes. I can say that even in this era of Veganism and Stay Away from Carbon diets  :).We have gotten better and better as the season has advanced and those are the numbers:Since the beginning of the season: 85 - 70 - 7. That is a modest 54.8% winning rate. We earned $3435 in that period. But, as the season advanced we got the better and better numbers: one month back from now we amassed the following record: 21 - 12 - 3 with 63.63% winning rate and $2175 profit. Last week we got 4-2 with 66.66% winning rate and $740 profit. Today we have the last regular season game day and all the games will be played today. Be sure not to miss!

Opening the final stretch of the NFL regular season with 6-0 Sunday/Monday

DECEMBER 12, 2017

We went 6-0 Sunday/Monday NFL. It is pretty good result considering MK - who I am competing against - went 5-3 in the same stretch. The next NFL night in on Thursday and then we have again -Sunday/Monday of Week 15. Do not sty behind while we hope we continue to stay hot with other sports than NFL Football (NBA, College Basketball. NHL, College Football etc).


SEPTEMBER 25, 2017

NFL has been our bread and butter for years now. Even before launching the PhixerCode - the NFL was our main source of income. And, even then - I liked to get into action only after few weeks have passed. Why? Because, each season the NFL has to be deciphered using a new Code. You can argue the probability of what was said- but, the results speak for themselves.



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