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Super Bowl LV


This season - as much as it has been painful to watch at times, seeing empty stadiums and not being able to attend the games the way we were all used to - has produced most unscripted Super Bowl we could think of.

Both teams are the ones deserving to be there. We have two quarterbacks - one that is all time great by far, and one that is all time phenomenon in his way of playing - opposing each other. We have two coaching greats, both representing the whole academic approach to the game. We have Super Bowl played for the first time ever in one of the teams' venues. And, finally - we have two teams that can and will put up the show worthy of Super Bowl.

The bookies are happy too as they will make mucho dineros from the wig/juice and there is no need to manipulate it in any way cause the public money will be divided more or less one way or another.

So, as far as we go - or I go - the game can be handicapped in a most professional way not being bothered by the variables that have nothing to do with football.

And, yet, I'll be searching for those variables and if I will come by any worth of bringing to our attention - I will bring it.

The only such variable right now is  - how would it look in NFL history when a home team will be listed as a winner? Will it bother anyone? Will the merchandizing matter? Is it too clear this is the year Brady has to win and finish his career or he still has a year or two under his belt?

And, it is right away balanced by - if that is not probable the home team will win the Super Bowl, how about the Chiefs winning it second time in a row while the last time it happened was more than 16 years ago and since then nada. And, who was the last team and the QB to do that? Yeas. You're right. Brady and the Pats.

So, now, that we have so much fun ahead of us handicapping this Super Bowl - let's enjoy it (as we have any other choice)

Let us begin with the head coaches. Bruce Arians versus Andy Reid.
68 years old Bruce Arians is making his 4th big dance appearance. First as a head coach. He is 2-1 so far. All with the Steelers. 1-1 as an offensive coordinator and 1-0 as a wide receivers coach. But, all that was almost a decade ago. Does that mean anything handicapping wise? No. Cause Andy Reid as an offensive assistant for the Green Bay Packers has won a Super Bowl XXXI in 1996 and won with the Chiefs as head coach last season. He also coached (not a head coach) in two more Super Bowls.
So, the coaches - both of them been there and know what it is all about.
Does any of the have a clear edge in the games between them? Not relevant. It is the Super Bowl and they have never played each other as the head coaches of these two teams in a post season.

Going to Quarterbacks... What can I add here? On the night before Mahomes was born, Brady’s Michigan Wolverines won at Boston College 23-13. But the 7th-string true freshman didn’t make the trip and was so depressed about his plight at U-of-M that he was considering transferring back close to home to play at California. Brady beats his own record of age disparity set against Goff of the Rams in the Super Bowls.
Does that mean anything at all? No. Cause what Brady has achieved as a quarterback can't be compared to anything. We can especially see that now when Bellichick didn't even make the playoffs without him. We all know the numbers and for the last 20 years Brady has been the most dominant Football figure who is about to prove it was him and no other who has to be credited with what the Pats have achieved.
Is Mahomes there yet? Off course not. But, Mahomes has proven one thing already: he can manipulate the score and explode at his will and we have yet to learn if it is because he Kelce and Hill or he can be a Chieftain on his own

Supporting casts? Wow. Both teams have scary offensive supporting casts. Both quarterbacks upgrade their receivers. Both quarterbacks can defuse the defenses and both quarterbacks can improvise and alternate at any given moment having the receivers they have. Although Mahomes mobility is an advantage - Brady's decisions as to when to get rid of the ball and when to keep it upgrades his offensive summary and the summary of his offensive supporting cast

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FEBRUARY 11, 2018

Sports Events Calendar

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DECEMBER 12, 2017

We went 6-0 Sunday/Monday NFL. It is pretty good result considering MK - who I am competing against - went 5-3 in the same stretch. The next NFL night in on Thursday and then we have again -Sunday/Monday of Week 15. Do not sty behind while we hope we continue to stay hot with other sports than NFL Football (NBA, College Basketball. NHL, College Football etc).


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