Over the years of Sports Handicapping – I’ve learned that winning alone is not enough to turn the Sports Investing into a steady source of income. I’ve also learned that winning alone is not enough to turn the Sports Investing into a profitable business practice, either. I know for a fact, that in order to profit steadily from Sports Investing – one has to treat it as a business and apply sound Money Management strategy as the main force factoring in Capital Growth. But the Capital Growth alone is not enough. Our goal is not only achieving a constant Capital Growth, but achieving a dignified life style that comes only with constant growth of income.

In order to achieve that goal, along with the Capital Growth – we have to turn the Money Management strategy into a Money Management System that will enable us to increase our capital and at the same time to increase our income, month after month, year after year; I know that for a fact. And, I know precisely what has to be done. In just a few minutes – you too will understand in detail how I’m intending to help you – like I’ve helped myself – to achieve and keep achieving the goals of a constant capital growth and the constant increase in our monthly income without the two interfering with each other. On the contrary – the two are closely knitted and absolutely integrated within each other: the Steady Capital Growth and the Steady Increase of Monthly Income.

But, before I’ll get there – please let me make a few things clear:

Those who’ve been following my sports picks and are familiar with my philosophy, that a winning sports handicapper doesn’t need to charge money for his picks. Obviously since if he was any good, he would be making money for himself without being bothered with all the administrative tasks accompanying a paid sports handicapping service. So, for the benefit of those who are raising their eyebrows – I’ve been giving out free winning picks for more than 4 years, day in, day out.

I invested countless hours of my own free time handicapping and posting my picks publicly for all to enjoy. Those were not only picks I shared with you, but the whole philosophy of sports investing; never asking anything in return and never made a big deal out of it. Sadly the inevitable happened and the online books took the notice, as I became very popular and publicly acknowledged handicapper; followed by tens of thousands of sports bettors. As a result the online books began at first limiting my bets to few hundred dollars a bet and then in a coordinated fashion notified me that I will have to withdraw all my funds by a certain date after which the accounts will be closed.

I was left with no choice but to create a site with paid handicapping s services and get rewarded for my work in a different way than investing by myself. Actually by looking at the whole picture today, I am sure it is a blessing in disguise, since now I have an opportunity, we have an opportunity to elevate what we do to a higher, more professional level. I can now dedicate more time and use more tools to handicap the sporting events in a more friendly environment of my design, a site shared with serious people who share my sentiment of turning the Sports Handicapping into a Profitable Business. As a bonus I will also have my way with the books , who didn’t even bother explaining the reason for closing my accounts (which I do have an idea why, since I haven’t uploaded any money into my accounts in 4 years and have only withdrawn). Another reason I am convinced that closure of my accounts by the books was a blessing in a disguise is the living testimony how good of a handicapper I am and how much of a threat I must have posed on them. Well, I am used to that from the Covers where my posts were continuously moved to the less populated and visited areas (to no avail, since they were always found by those who wanted).

So, since we got that subject of “why a paid sports handicapping service” out of the way – now let us focus HOW are we going to turn the Sports Investing into a Profitable Business Practice , integrating between the constant Capital Growth and the constant Increase of our Monthly Income.