SEPTEMBER 25, 2017

NFL has been our bread and butter for years now. Even before launching the PhixerCode - the NFL was our main source of income. And, even then - I liked to get into action only after few weeks have passed. Why? Because, each season the NFL has to be deciphered using a new Code. You can argue the probability of what was said- but, the results speak for themselves.

This season it took us two weeks before recognizing few patterns and already yesterday we were on with Sunday games going 4-1 and gaining 19.90 units.

And all that is because I can already see the certain patterns  - some old, and the others new - the books odds makers and the handicappers chose to communicate with each other. The fully computerized and automated odds making was abandoned in favor of integrated version with significant human intervention.

Now, all we needed was a Code, which, I am not going to reveal here besides saying that, if you watched the games we posted yesterday - you must have noticed how three out of four covers  - played out precisely to be within a point or two or 3 only to the spread (the Giants lost by 3 having a +5 line (won by 2), the Falcons covered a -3 spread winning by 4 (won by 1), the Packers and the Bengals went over the line of 48 by 3 (won by 3), and the only game that was covered convincingly was the one at Landover between the Skins and the Raiders where the teams scored 16.5 points less than the line a (won by 16.5). The only game we didn't cover was the Pats win by 3 (lost by 10.5).

What does all that mean? The Code is working and no matter how unlikely the covers seemed at some points of the games - they happened precisely as predicted. The system became more sophisticated and the fluctuation level has increased - but, the name of the game did not change.

We are going to have a great NFL season. And you are invited to the party.

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