It works. Confirmed. Our method of turning sports betting into business – works!

April 9, 2018

Doubling the Bankroll
A week ago i emailed all the subscribers and the members that we are implementing a new, goal oriented strategy. That goal was and still is creating a steady monthly source of extra (and ever growing if managing the money according to our money management system) income alongside constant growth of capital.

And, our system worked properly and performed better than expected. The testimony to that is doubling the initial bankroll in just 5 days.

The reason I am posting this is within the fact we have succeeded to implement "scientific betting system". What does that even mean? Well, SBS means - in our private case - that my thinking process selecting the high probability bets and subjecting them to grueling tests based on public and money line/against the spread line and odds behavior - all that has been programmed. As the result - the selection efficiency and accuracy have increased to the level of precision. For an example - we went 20-4 in the span of 6 days the system and the strategy were implemented and in  only 5 days the initial bankroll was doubled while the losing 4 bets were combined from one 2 units and three 3 unit picks while the winning 20 included four 5 uniters, one 2 unit and thirteen 3 unit plays. Our positive efficiency grew while our negative impact of fatigue and so called "chase" picks decreased to zero.

We began on last Tuesday with initial bankroll of 50 units according to our Money Management system with goal of profiting another 50 units or more in a month. Well, only 6 days passed since then and we have earned 55.83 units on top of the initial bankroll of 50 units completing the doubling process actually in 5 days (yesterday we won another 5 units on top of that). We went in process an incredible 20-4.

The first day - Tuesday April the 3rd we went 5-0. Wednesday we did another 5-0 followed by Thursday 3-2, Friday 3-1 and Saturday 3-1. As I said, last night we completed the route by 1-0. Altogether 20 wins against 4 losses with total profit of 55.83 units or $5,583 with $100 per unit. Of course, the size of unit is your choice as long as you stick with it each doubling cycle and increase it by 25% after each doubling cycle.

So, if my units were $100 in the first cycle and I earned $5,583  - the next thing is to withdraw (I do not have the betting accounts since I am banned by the books) half the profited sum (extra monthly income) which would be 25 units or $2,500 and set the new bankroll at $7,500 in my case and at any sum your initial bankroll was multiplied by 1.5 or 150% (example: if your initial bankroll was $1,000, then you'd have made another $1,000 and - subsequently - you would have had to withdraw $500 and your new bankroll would have become $1,500 - meaning - your unit size would have increased from $20 to $30).

To sum it up - it is really important you will respectfully understand that the reason you are reading this is to understand the difference between the pre SBS era and post SBS era. Those are the records for the last 3 months, the last month and the last week. You can assess the value by yourself and make an educated decision if this is the time to join us and do yourself good financially and satisfaction wise.

While three month record shows 55.75% win rate - one month record shows 61.26% win rate and last week shows 83.33% win rate. While I can't guarantee there always will be over 80% winning rate - I can guarantee that we won't deviate from our strategy of delivering quality over quantity picks.

I can say with conviction that although the sample period is too small for the big words - the system works and the strategy the system is based on works as well. That means that the methodology on which our whole enterprise of turning sports betting into business - works!

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So, now you must have some extra time to write those XXX size posts… I have blisters on my eyes from reading the above. I can only imagine how tired your keyboard must be…
Thanks Phixer. Thanks for trying to teach us – the not worthy – of how your brain works. For me – just give me the winning picks brah! No need to explain how and what.


You’re a moron. Your nick should be MoronerthanU.
Phixer. Sir. Please do not pay attention to the moron above me and more morons to come with one and only goal to annoy you.
Thanks for all you do. Although it is for money. I read once that the greed is one of the best motivators.

Tony German

Why you’re so negative? Wyy do you think Richer is a moron? May be he has sense of humor you obviously lack?


Thank you sir.
Will there be any picks today?


Do you have a crypto wallet? Can I pay with cryptocurrency? Do you accept BTC or ETH?

Tony German

Thanks for the insight phixer. It may have some importance for those not familiar with you. As far as I go – you da man! SBS or SBC – I’m on each of your picks!


Thanks for the update Phix!


Oho, someone heas extra time to write essays I see


Seems like I doubled the bankroll again. Not sure I understand what should I do next and how to increase my units. Please explain. And yes, thanks a lot. Goes without saying