NFL Sunday: CHI Bears vs CAR Panthers

Quoting ESPN:

<<<Chicago Bears coach John Fox knows exactly how tough it is for offensive linemen to block Carolina Panthers defensive end Julius Peppers.

After all, Fox coached Peppers as a superstar rookie out of North Carolina.

"You don't get very many athletes like that who come along," Fox said to reporters this week as he prepared to face his former player. "We got criticized quite heavily by the talking heads for not taking a quarterback. I know Joey Harrington was available (and) David Carr went a pick before us.

"You could tell (Peppers) was going to be special. The fact that he's still playing is pretty special.">>>

The line movement against the money and the public says one thing to me: the Panthers are way to easy pick at -3.

I know Cam Newton's numbers are great away from home and I know the bears haven't won 2 in a row for two years. But, I also know that the streaks and the trends are the result of the process and not the predictor for the next one

Date: 1508630400
Day: Sunday
Home Team: CHI Bears
Away Team: CAR Panthers
Pick: Home +3
Units: 5
Odds: -115
Status: Win
Invested: 575
Return: 1075
Profit: 500

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Jerred Mattingley
Jerred Mattingley

Bears have been playing good as of late I like betting against trends


Why we don’t see 10 unit plays anymore Phixer?

Tony German
Tony German

I didn’t notice we had a comments section. I missed the discussion. Nice!