NBA Saunday: BOS Celtics vs CLE Cavaliers

The things are getting serious.

LBJ got what he wanted and the rebelling dudes were sent away. Now he's a sloe dictator and will have to prove the worth of that to his team, the fans and the opponents as well. And, oh yes, to Lou as well.

The Celtics? Well, they have no business proving otherwise. The main rebel - Irving - is their leader. In a game between the two best players of those teams - Irving (if he plays) and LBJ - I must say that with all my not liking LBJ - the Cavs and the reinforcements have a real chance to show what they are worth.

Date: 1518307200
Day: Sunday
Home Team: BOS Celtics
Away Team: CLE Cavaliers
Pick: Away +4.5
Units: 3
Odds: -110
Status: Win
Invested: 330
Return: 630
Profit: 300

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