NCAAB Thursday: Wisconsin vs Purdue

This is the "privileged info" based pick.

We actually didn't have such "privileged info" based pick this 2018th year. This is a strictly High Roller pick and will carry 5 units with +475 line ML on the Badgers.

Why I chose this one over the others and why you shouldn't fear to put your money on this one with such crazy odds? Well, the Boilermakers have been an odd team the who,e season. They lose when  they are expected to win big and they win when the odds are against them. That only says that they are the new Spartans. Only, without Izzo. So, when there is a privileged info on such team - it has to be considered as the serious one.

The source? Well, it is the same one who gave the MLB gem as this one, and another MLB gem as this one. And also this gem , and this one too

So, I rely on that.

In addition to this ML pick  I am also going to post the ATS one. Why if I am so sure this one is happening? Not because of me not being sure. But, because I know many of you will chicken out on this one.

Enjoy it!

Date: 1518652800
Day: Thursday
Home Team: Wisconsin
Away Team: Purdue
Pick: Home ML
Units: 5
Odds: 475
Status: Win
Invested: 500
Return: 2875
Profit: 2375

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I just can’t believe this one. No I didn’t chicken out! My first day here! Thank you MASTER!


Thank you kindly Sir! Great beginning for me!


Very impressive Phixer. Does that privileged info base pick means fixed game?


Thank You!


I admit I didnt want this one to win so I wont feel stupid for missin out. But I still took the +9 one so I don’t feel ridicoulously stupid. just a little


I hear you man. Same here. While I was cheering for the Badgers to cover – I hoped they won’t win so I will not feel so utterly stupid


Nah. I wouldn’t dare to play with such odds. That is why I took your other pick with the Badgers +9. BTW, I don’t understand why they were 9 point underdog at home. Great one Phixer


Great work Phixer. I know your work from covers and happy youre doing fine here.
I wanted to know when do you usually post your picks and if you have some free ones or all of them are for pay?
How can I know what games you are posting before I can become a member?
Thanks a lot in advance


Thank you mister phixer