NCAAF Championship Playoff Final: Georgia vs Alabama

I am about to open the open university courses regarding the final college football match of this season and its dynamics.

The story goes as follows:Both teams were good enough to end the season without the single loss. Trust me on that. Both teams lost to the same team only to eliminate that same team by Georgia in the conference finals on the way to the playoffs.

This is the true account of the story till the semi finals.  Here the paths are separating: Alabama took care of the old "nemesis" which never was a true nemesis but just someone who "won" the lottery to win one championship title from the Tide. Just like the Cavaliers in the NBA from the Warriors.

Clemson was never really a threat to the Tide. Same goes for the Bulldogs who are lining up chancing the best resistance the college football program can offer to the Tide. So, who will Vegas pick here? I am sure the Bulldogs will resist well enough to get the game covered. Why? Because they are used to dual threat QB's while the Crimson Tide has yet to taste the dual running back threat from the Bulldogs.


Date: 1515369600
Day: Monday
Home Team: Georgia
Away Team: Alabama
Pick: Home +4
Units: 5
Odds: -110
Status: Win
Invested: 550
Return: 1050
Profit: 500

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