NFL Sunday: NY Giants vs SEA Seahawks

Someone somewhere must have given the Giants a green light to play. Or, may be it is because Goodell needs some New York votes to keep his job intact amidst the growing concern regarding him not being able to handle the populist anthem issues and not landing the hard hand on the good for nothing citizens as most of the players are who have suddenly remembered to fulfill their civil duties and making for themselves a cheap PR by drawing the attention by disrespecting the nation and its sacrifices over the centuries. The NFL ratings are in decline and for a reason - the corruption, game fixing, the refereeing - all those have brought the NFL - the holy cow of american sports culture to it's knees and the last thing they needed was few punks imitating the only true one - Caepernick - and playing themselves Malcolm X's right before hitting the clubs discharging on their own feet their own weapons.

But, who cares? Not me. I'm beyond that political or the patriotic BS. I'm in for the Dow. Like all of us. So, the only thing that interests me is the line drop of 2 1/2 points from the original one in favor of the Gigantes against the publico.

Let's go Giants ( i know that chant did not end too good last night with the Yankees, but...)


Date: 1508630400
Day: Sunday
Home Team: NY Giants
Away Team: SEA Seahawks
Pick: Home +3.5
Units: 5
Odds: -110
Status: Loss
Invested: 550
Return: 0
Profit: -550

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Jerred Mattingley
Jerred Mattingley

I hate New York with a passion and we chased the Yankees the entire second half of the season and got pounded. Maybe New your starts to pay us back today.

Jerred Mattingley
Jerred Mattingley

Seattle has not shown us much this year