NFL Superbowl: NE Patriots vs PHI Eagles

The Patriots may win this one too. They always win the tight games. But, covering ... Let's look at the whole picture. The Vikings advancing on a last second "miracle" only to be beaten flat by the Wentzless Eagles...  Nick Foles having game of his life while the Patriots as usual exploit Brady Amendola connection (new Edelman ?).

I think that the Patriots are all QB dependent team while the Eagles can make a push thru the rushing. And, I don't think the league will allow the Patriots to win another one...

Date: 1517702400
Day: Sunday
Home Team: NE Patriots
Away Team: PHI Eagles
Pick: Away +4.5
Units: 10
Odds: -110
Status: Win
Invested: 1100
Return: 2100
Profit: 1000

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Omar Ibrahimi

Phixer, what do you think of the Eagles ML? Is it worth a wager if you feel the NFL won’t allow another Patriots SuperBowl victory?