NHL Playoffs Eastern Conference Quarterfinals Game 7: BOS Bruins vs TOR Raptors

This is it. The game 7. At Boston Garden some call a TD Garden. The Bruins will host the Leafs in probably the most interesting match of the postseason so far.

Game 6 of the series was overshadowed by tragic events in Toronto. The Leafs and the Bruins have paid a tribute to the victims of that tragic event before hitting the ice and some may think it affected the game too.

Deadly Van attack victims honored in game 6

For us the game 7 is a conclusion of a 3 step system.

The Bruins are our pick.

Date: 1524614400
Day: Wednesday
Home Team: BOS Bruins BOS Bruins
Away Team: TOR Maple Leafs
Pick: Home ML
Units: 5
Odds: -175
Status: Win
Invested: 875
Return: 1375
Profit: 500

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What a perfect day
Thanks a lot.


Yes it was.!!! Thanks from me too

Tony German

Great choice of picks Phixer. Great job brother!


Perfect day indeed

Lu Nguyen

This system is just got the money back. No? Lose 2 lose 3 win 5. I made triple . lose 2, lose 6 win 18. Profit 10-juice. Clean I stay 8.5 unit profit from this system. You may be should think triple martingales instead of just crawling martingale. Anyways – much obliged. Thank You


I know what youre saying bro. Did the same 5 times martingale after the second one


Thank you very much Phixer. Came home from a long shift and what a nice surprise. Not really surprised. But still great feeling I earn more here. Much more than working long shifts. You continue like this and I will quit my job. Please continue like this. I hate my job.


If you hate your job – quit it regardless bro. Never good karma working what you hate. I hate all jobs except hosting people so I work in Hotel. Find what you like. Don’t lay the burden of you quitting job on Phixer. He has enough burdens being responsible for so many people’s money


Great great great day. Thank you


Let’s give it a serious push today boss. We’re almost there doubling the bankroll for the second time in one month. Push, push, push!

Lu Nguyen

Boss…. Say what? You calling Phixer a Boss?And what you calling your real boss? Phixer?