NHL Saturday: DAL Stars vs MIN Wild

I remember that back in the days Minnesota had a fine hockey team called North Stars. Now, they more sound like some WNBA team - Wild. Come on... Dallas? They didn't even have a hockey team back then. Not in the NHL. I miss those hockey days. The game was not so crystallized like today. It was not a politically correct one and the teams really hated on each other as the players were not moving from team to another every few seasons. The rivalries were real and so were the fights. Or, may be as I get older I just tend to remember the better things and forget the worse? May be.

The Stars are due here.

Date: 1517616000
Day: Saturday
Home Team: DAL Stars
Away Team: MIN Wild
Pick: Home ML
Units: 3
Odds: -145
Status: Win
Invested: 435
Return: 735
Profit: 300

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