The Proof is in the Pudding

May 4,  2018 

"Turn your love for the Sports Betting into lucrative and highly profitable business "

1st month of Scientific Betting System Review 

Yesterday we concluded the first month of SBS implementation and would like to share with you the detailed report including how much profit each of the three programs – Basic, Standard and High Roller - turned in. We also doubled our bankroll twice in one month and I will give you precise instructions as to how much and when -  each member by the date he joined – to withdraw and how to define a new bankroll and the size unit.  


We all heard the expression the Proof is in the Pudding. Today, right here, I am going to present that Pudding and I assure that the greatest of doubting Thomases will be more than convinced we have the real thing in our hands. 

The Numbers 

We began posting our SBS based picks on the 3rd of April, 2018. Our overall earnings by then were $28,345.50. And that was achieved in 823 days since December 10th ,2015. That is an average of $34.44 profit per day. Well, not bad to have a steady profit per day as that alone can sum up to $125,712.12 in.... 10 years. And, no matter how nice the sum – I'd like something little more short term. And, what we achieved is mind blowing fashion. Cannot be proven without the Pudding. So, here's Pudding. This is the table of what our record since April the 3rd till today, May the 4th. 31 days. This is what has happened since we implemented the Scientific Betting System (SBS): I'm magnifying to make it easier to read: 

In just 30 days since the introduction and the implementation of SBS – we have profited $12,958.00. That is an average of $418.00 per day. That is more than 1213% increase from the previous rate. That's right, One Thousand and Two Hundred Thirteen percent increase. That means we earn 12.13 (more than Twelve times more) times more with SBS than we earned without SBS.  And, just how much we would earn by that new rate in 10 years from now even without following my Money Management System (which combines compounded growth and the monthly increase in the steady income)? In 1o years that rate will earn us a $1,525,700.00. More than One and a half million dollars in 10 years from an initial bankroll of $5K.  

Are there any gaps in researched numbers? 

Yes. There are. The numbers I introduced are some overall earnings. That means that you'd have earned that if you were the member of all three programs and would receive each pick (no multiple bets on the same pick but all the picks betted once). But, there are three programs available and each earned a different sum. Not that much of a difference – but, it would be safe to say that practical numbers are a bit lower. But, just a bit. Let's look at them: 

  • Basic Program Members have earned $3,576.00 going 60-49-2 
  • Standard Program Members have earned $5,223.00 going 75-55-2 (Doubled the Bankroll at least Once). 
  • High Roller Program Members have earned $11,679.00 going 81-51-2 (Doubled the Bankroll at least Twice). 

As you see – there are some differences that caused some members to request a Global Program which would cover all the picks regardless of the location of the member, the time of the event and the sports betted on. We did come up with a solution as you will read below. 

But, the fact remains the same: SBS does its job and while the overall picks earnings are $12,958.00 for the period of 31 days – the distribution between the programs are at the following rate: 

  • High Roller earned 90.1% of overall earnings of $12,958.00 ($11,679.00) 
  • Standard earned 40.3% of overall earnings of $12,958.00 ($5,223.00) 
  • Basic earned 27.6% of overall earnings of $12,958.00 ($3,576.00) 

Contrasting Opinions 

Since PhixerCode's main and only objective is maximizing earnings for our paying members, would it be in the members best interest to create a one universal/global program inclusive of all the picks? We have opposing arguments in that regard:  

  1. The very creation of Global/Universal program will harm the very purpose of creating diversified programs in the first place. That purpose was to recognize the fact that US client base can't enjoy the freedom and easiness of placing an online bet the way the rest of the world clients do and can do that legally only at the designated locations.  
  2. The US client base can use off shore online books to accommodate online betting needs. And that is where we can't have a legally supported opinion since using those off shores is not entirely legal for US residents. That was the core of creating Basic program that only includes bets offered at Vegas Casinos and Hotels. 


One fact remains: SBS is working and delivering big time creating a real business opportunity for investing in sports betting in an orderly fashion following the Money Management guidance. 

For an example: Standard program members have produced 52.23 units profit. That means that the initial bankroll of 50 units was doubled. So, what you do next? 

  1. You withdraw half the profit (plus the change on top) and designate it as you monthly income (25+2.3 units = 27.23 units) 
  2. Your new bankroll is now 75 units and your goal is doubling it by increasing the size of your unit by 50%. If you unit size was $100, now the size of your new unit will become $150. 

High Roller program members have produced 116.79 units profit. That means that the initial bankroll of 50 units was doubled twice and more. At this stage we suggest: 

  1. Withdrawing 66.79 units under the rubric of the steady monthly income and  
  2. Setting the new bankroll at 100 units while increasing the size of the unit by 100% compare to the initial unit size.  

Please note that we are answering the questions regarding money management personally to each member upon the request. We facilitate that section of our service with great effort and suggest you take an advantage of it by using it. Please email us under "Money Management" title to get faster service. We usually answer within 24 hours.  

As a conclusion I can say: there never been a better time to join PhixerCode. We have become a real business hub for those who love the thrill that comes with sports and sports betting.  

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